Launched Saturday, July 10, 2010

Terms and contact

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Paypal is our preferred method of payment for online sales. We accept USPS money orders that are sent Express Mail next day. Shows are cash only, no personal checks. All PayPal payments are to be sent to


Email is the best form of communication for us. Email us at:


We are now use UPS next day by 10:30am, Monday-Wednesday. We can use other companies, USPS for those who are in close proximity. For winter and summer shipping we highly suggest hold at UPS STAFFED facility for your pick-up. We suggest UPS staffed not UPS Store as service varies at each location. If you are interested in shipping to one of their store check first. Some do not allow live shipments. Someone must be present to sign for all door-to-door shipments. Any warranty is void if signature is not provided. Temperatures must be between 40-85 degrees. Most shipments start at $45. UPS shipping service is provided by


We do our best to provide the best wildlife to you. Due to the delicate nature of most wildlife we provide, we offer no guarantee after the point of sale or delivery. We offer no guarantee ontail loss of any Rhacodactylus. Each sale is different and we do take this in consideration. All DOA's must be reported within 1 hour of delivery and the animals must be frozen. Time of delivery will be determined by the time stamp on the tracking number provided by the shipper. There is no refund for shipping and handling fees.

All live sales are pending until we receive an email, PM when posted on forum, or message in paypal payment stating you have read these terms and agree.

We reserve the right to refuse service.

We do offer holds for shows and young offspring. Holds for reptiles and amphibians may require a 50% non-refundable deposit.